Review: 3W Clinic Intensive UV Sunblock Cream SPF 50+


Been a long time I haven’t updated here. Sorry for that though, for the past month, I’ve been busy with final examination and such, and now after the examination is over, I’ve been busy with relaxing and getting used of not-doing-anything haha ;)

For the first time ever, I’m gonna write some review abt this sunblock that I just bought few days ago, via (do stalk them, they have LOTSSSSS of kewl products). Oh and this sunblock also available at and some other website too.

For ages (yes, agessss, since I was 17 y/o which is since 2012), up until now, I’ve stick to the same sunblock ever and ever. It’s the *drumroll*

Bioré UV Perfect Face Milk SPF 50++ ! :D

But as time goes by, the price also increasing meh :(( During 2012, it only priced at around MYR20. But now the price is about MYR32. For a student like me, it’s a bit pricey haha so I always try to find another sunblock that’s as good as Bioré UV Perfect Face Milk but also coming with a cheaper price. Hehe. Okay before that, that Bioré’s sunblock is really really really good okay.

So, back to what I bought at is a 3W Clinic (a Korean brand) product, Intensive UV Sunblock Cream SPF 50+. I bought it at price of MYR31.90 for two set. So each is MYR15.95 ! So cheap ah :D Okay we all have that sceptical and doubtful thought whenever we see a really good product (#1 Nice packaging #2 SPF 50+) that comes with a reasonable price. I have that doubt at first. But nah I Google’d some more and found some good review abt this 3W Clinic Intensive UV Sunblock Cream. So based on that judgement, I bought this stuff.

3W Clinic Intensive UV Sunblock Cream

*back* the ingredients was in Korean, cannot understand meh :((
packaging is quite neat

yay, list of ingredients all in English, and also way to use it ;)

Having the 3W Clinic sunblock, as compared to Bioré, I would actually say that Bioré is way much better than 3W Clinic. Huhu. That’s because I found that 3W Clinic has a heavier texture (hence the name; Sunblock Cream) while Bioré has a almost-like-water texture (hence the name; Face Milk). Using the 3W Clinic sunblock, I don’t really think you have to put moisturiser as it’s already packed with that moisturising effect.

So does my purchase worth the value?

Yes and no (I’m really indecisive);
Yes, because the product is actually okay. It do moisturise your skin.
No, because I love Bioré’s face milk more ! Ahahaha. It’s just that I tend to sweat a lot. So the 3W Clinic sunblock doesn’t fit me well.

Choose wisely. Bye :)

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